Without food,

Without water,

Without clothes,

Are visible forms of hunger,

Without learning,

Without love,

Without kindness,

Are abstract designs of hunger.

Without hope,

Without faith,

Without belief ,

Are celestial nodes of hunger.

The  physical  rectitude of hunger , is the most cruelest of all   forms.  Many millions  of our co habit-ants go without food. They look so famished, so thin, so ghastly with sunken eyes, and protruding bellies. Their body is a bag of bones, so skinny , that all the nerves and bones present an exposition , horrible and horrendous. They lie with meagre clothes on, in a makeshift hut,  on a lowly torn rug .Discerning  such pathetic morbidity wrench the heart .

Hunger  is a vicious  pronouncement.How to eradicate this harsh futility?A determination  definite,a  serenity firm ,a predicament resolute should be taken up to wipe off this injustice. Gross miscalculations by nature is one of the factors that  go in to bring this heinous misery. Certain parts of Africa , are arid deserts, with no water, no vegetation , no replenishing precepts. The  passionate emotive representation of poverty and hunger in these areas drive us to the verge of collapse. If  mere perception pursues us to such a step, the actual experience  by the people in the sinful seclude will deliver a gruesome conclusion. Most die out of want of food. They resort to the  extremes of eating sand and whatever comes in their way to quell their hunger.

The other vital fact , is the selfish motto’s that most of us unconsciously nurture.  We think of ourselves, our well being, our comforts, and  concentrate in our proposals to gain popularity and prosperity. A little signal of courtesy, a significant touch of kindness, a noble attitude to share our meal with the less fortunate will  make things even, will promote poise and will figure a graceful suppression of  hunger . This  invaluable contribution to society  of  weeding hunger out of the world is the worthy philanthropical procedure .

Building temples was a noted front runner to charitable deeds , a few decades back. Setting up schools . colleges and universities are the present trendsetters in promoting charitable causes. Providing food to all , is the most imminent commision of  the day, a synagogue neceessary to receive  this blessed bounty .






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