Hidup Rakyat!

Excited I observe the polls
Each minute is incredible.

Malaysia, the multi racial country
goes to polls. The situation is scary.

Greed culminates in kleptocracy.
The Prime Minister is at his best.

He squanders, deviates, destroys,
disillusions. Drives the people mad.

Saddened they search for a substitute.
Another coalition moves in to the rescue.

Spearheaded  by the ninety three year old.
Mahathir, himself a dictator once.

He is changed, a born leader.
Has shed his arrogance looks gentle.

Softened Mahathir perceives hope.
Unites the races and wins.

Malaysia expects a renaissance,
austerity and reformation.

Democracy  became a monopoly.
resulted in an unprecedented turmoil.

The “Rakyat”, the people in Bahasa
turn forceful this time.

Overhthrow the government,
_the triumph of justice.

In less than a month in office,
governance excels.

I acknowledge  happiness everywhere.
Peace and hope prevail.

A delightful experience for me.
Thrilled to watch the rise of the  people.

“Hidup Rakyat”.