Breathes There The Man

Breathes there the man
so goes the poem all in a way
there be a breath in the men
that be the priority of the day
as men do all deeds treacherous
that exasperate the breath all the more
they being in the catch of the imperious
doing most dubious acts with the fervour.
as there be so much  infidelity around
the man’s breath turns out to be foul
keeping one and all in a bound
the man gets ahead of his crimes with a prowl.artworks-000039223986-e0hwyn-crop

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Kate is Not Alone

smell a ratKate smells a rat in his perseverance.
His persistence has a hidden reference
as he is driven to the convergence
to distract her from diligence.

Kate ignores his indecent howl.
She minds not his tongue foul.
She shuns his untimely prowl
as it casts an odious growl.

The man behind him is a defined evil.
He plots Kate’s kill.
He pays his aid a heavy bill
as he aims to rob Kate of her fill.

Kate knows the plan to the full.
She faces him like a terrific bull.
His attempts to mollify her becomes null
as she implicates a vigorous pull.

The doer would encounter severe threads
in the form of words put up to the read.
The imposter would be put to a dread
which would make him one with the dead.