Contests – Haiku

Contests and competitions

bring in a lively  manifestationcontest

of prize money



The Publishing Activity

Publishing becomes serious

Writing is always download (27)tedious

With a blog there is a  reach

little over that it becomes a breach

getting verses in print

looks like a great stint

yet poets want to go across

irrespective of the   toss

which might bring a  repute

though there is a dispute

that fiction receives  a welcome

poems bring no income

poetry still remains for a few

lighting  up those who love it true

the publishing takes different forms

that of self and recognised  norms

while the queue to get published is long

opting for self publishing becomes strong

with the money to invest possible

nothing goes on in this world as impossible.




Pockets All through

Pockets of potholes seen on the road

Pockets  of dirt found in the corners.

Pockets of  land looking not flat.

Pockets that are visible

Pockets that lay camouflaged

Pockets big stitched  in dresses .

Pockets small adorning the kids wear

So being pockets  all in the fray

there arises a bump on the way

an accumulation in the sway

finally  a pockets resource in the bay.