A Feel And A Steal.

The chatter and play

that made us  all gay

has left the fray

as stillness  comes along

where silence is a belong

bringing in a long

while there reigns a quietness

with it  rises a sadness

where there is an awareness

that indicates an alertness

where one has to be careful

lest there would be a situation dreadful

releasing a scare and a dare

all at the same time  absolutely bare

letting out a feeling of despondency

very awful and greatly fearful.chatter









I Do Not Play

The child is into dancing now 

she is also learning music with love

She knows to swim and skate

and does them swiftly in a spate

she does  mathematics

and is good at histrionics

reads story books  at bed time

solves scrambles   in no time

does all things   with great spirit

beams her mother with pride

turning affably to her daughter by her side

who  in a soft voice sadly says

I do not




The Deficit.

With the basics going hot

 the requirements growing more

 there is a financial short

while  the balancing act takes the fore

an  acrobatic fundamental  is to be taught

as the household budget  assumes a roar

making the struggle hard to be fought

wherein the deficit  runs  to the core

causing a liability which should never be





Parental Enthusiasm

The parental enthusiasm has no limit

inducing the child to get beyond the summit

putting him to an unwanted  strain

leaving him in a most difficult pain.


Acceding to their compulsion

unable to vent out his repulsion

he moves about in a dilemma

having to put up with a trauma .


His childhood is dreadful

not able to take decision rightful

depending on his parent’s wish

his days go off in a fizz.


Considerate parents take their wards far

the  less cordial bring about a char

while most children climb over

the rest are pushed down ever.


Giving a liberty to  a level right

allowing them to grow up  straight

with an eye of distant care

would  generate a success  Kid-Asleep-with-Textbookfair.