A Chuckling Say

Call it a day they say

how to call it I say

being wonderful they say

how  wonderful I say

having turned successful they say

how much successful I say

they frown and say

get lost in a way

chuckling chuckling I make the way

allowing them to quit for the day.



The Moon

The moon shone bright

spreading vivacious light

from a very great   height

enhancing  the  beauty of the mooncool night



Scholastic Against Monetary

Day by day it goes

going by swift moves

moving with great proofs

proving by discreet  approves

approving secured by examination

examining done with observation

observing performed by instructions

instructions given by attributions

attributions extended by scholars

scholars being picked by dollars

with that enters the monetary strollers

defying all that are scholarsqualitative as howlers




The Meticulous Choice.

A choice unique and exclusive

could be very very  decisive

as it has elements inclusive

seeming very elusive

synchronizing to a beauty

adding a few adornments  here

taking off a few extras there

giving a shape to the parts with care

decking them with lovely designs rare

coming with it all the fares

the manufacturing and freight fair

together make it a great share.spoon and fork stand.