Features And Statures.

Lively eyes they say

inspiring they  appear

broad forehead in a way

causing an  outlook clear

sharp nose all the more

exhibiting a keenness near

pinkish lips  in the  manner

indicating a glamour  neversharp nose.

pearl like teeth  in a series

expressing a uniformity revere

conch shaped  neck  in a glow

illustrating a clarity not severe

going on by the features

concluding on the statures

forthcoming with the nature

that go to make a human

great and  creative.










The Two Sides.

The coin has two sides

with the head on one side

and a tail on the other

stretching it farther

life has two facets

with an intricate insert

the happiness fills up greatly

while the melancholy sets up swiftly

reconciling to the distinctions softly

let us get along in life  affably.the two sides of life





The Orange Juice.

The juice of an orange

keeps us in a range

allowing our system to arrange

extending a lovely change

the complexion enhancing  in stages

the thoughts enriching in  pages

the memory doubled in no time

the body kept fine at  all times

refreshing and rebounding  in no time

be the magical effect of the orange juice at all juice.






Crossing over.

A feeling overwhelms

bringing into the realm

free flow of tears

as I am subjected to hear

the manipulations of people around

their connivance is extremely sound

none could see through it in the surface

being concealed well within without a trace

as far the truth goes getting betrayed

has been a way of my life in every stage

facing  everything  with a stoicism

I carry on accepting the realism.betrayed







A Deviation

Reading became an obsession

taking me away from the mundane

forgetting the earthly distraction

making me  in a way sane

away from the world of inaction

where the untenable  reigns

almost to a hypnotic  reaction

converting achievements to wane

arresting progress in a digression

posing a life as a bane.reading