The Economy Picks Up.

Ending up the day

with a note of gay

bringing cheer in the way

along with a lovely say

that being one of play

the economy is out of bay

as it has started to pay

setting aside its  lethargic lay

delivering a sparkling ray

promising a bright array

with a wonderful inlay.economy  picking


The Break Open.

It being a day of activity

where everyone was  busy.

there arose a flutter  hasty

that of a small intruder bouting in crazy.


He steadily moved to the safe room

having a mask and a gun

brandishing the gun around the gloom

brought the operations to a halt soon.


The staff ran scared  here and there

he caught hold of them unaware

pushing them inside the room  over there

broke open the safe with much care.


In no hurry took everything valuable

came out with the bounty

locked the office with a key  almost impenetrable.

walked away with enormous glee.


Those in the room could not come out

with the telephone line  snapped

and electricity  cut off almost

had to stay there  all day long  locked

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How swiftly and easily things are done?

beguiling the security measures modern

The surveillance cameras  and security alarm are fun

as they fall much below the man’s strategy in turn.


The Aberration

My back yard with trees huge

expressing  greenery all around

turned white in a deluge

a change different  and unsound.


With none of us at home that day

with appointments elsewhere

the builder next door in a way

dug a bore without any care.


The peat soil flew all over

clothing the lovely trees white

with the ground drenched by  a sand shower

Oh! it was a very ghastly sight.


With the white attire intact

the trees remained horrible

and with no rains in fact

they  were destined to be so in all possible.


The builder went about unbothered

many calls and warnings were left answered

Town planning rules being  not followed

perhaps  broken by bribes in silent  method.



The world thus moves on in mirth

where the law breakers find a way out

as their wrong doings go in stealth

the rightful stand to lose all throughout.chennai Speeding Enforcement Action Vs Violations