A Hurried Run

Had a hurried run today images (18)

going from one place to another

all enquiries of death

from a babe a year old

then a girl twenty-five years

finally a ripe old man  91-year-old

the little one  came to the earth

for what no one knows

while the adult having to live

many more years had died  premature

but the old man crossing the limit

having lived the fullest extent

having stayed very much over

breathed his last finally after waiting long

having suffered  long solitude and weakness

The three give way to the schedules

that belie explanations  and reasons

passing away  in  days of the week

emphasizing the impermanence

and the transitory effect of life




Feathers Fly

The feathers fly away

getting on the runway

going through the gateway

causing a  block all way

being  only  light

they cause  a chaos right

as it is difficult to percolate

there be a delayed flight

as the passengers  get stranded

very much offended

and not properly compensated.A light feather-necklace-5.










Flaws And Laws.

The flaws take the toll

as if there is nothing else in whole.

Finding faults be the criteria

as if there is no good in the arena .

Detesting the colour black

as if it is something untouchable.

Scorning on short stature

as if  they are a different creature.

Deriding those who are tall

as if they are going to fall.

Mocking   at fattyimages (17)

as if it is an inability .

Teasing those who are lean

as if they are not keen.

Let go the blunt nose

protruding teeth and forehead

along with little eyes calling for a jeer

Oh! let me tell you

how many defects go unseen

how much  is shadowed  and camouflaged

let we go with that  are  fine and wonderful

as  everyone born have their  merits great.