Cases And Caveats.

Filing  cases and caveats

fighting in courts and elsewhere 

might be jealousy in a deviate

yet might succumb to pressure

with one trying to overlap the other

not on grounds of merit or credit

but to swindle and hoard

and cheat the other

with that being the motive

the run of deceit and deprive

get along without respite

accusations and allegations

grow to a stock level

pushing them to court

seeking remedy with an expense

that could otherwise be sorted

with much conducive conclusion

if at all they be just and eager

preferring to settle with an auger

conserving energy and money.’

Not being the case anymore

courts gain greatly in the turmoil

with the solicitors bagging profits

charging every hour of their appearance

monetizing every letter they mail

with accrual on every word they speak

while the estates spend the money

the barristers litigationmock-up revenue

becoming rich and wealthy

as the estate turns weak and thin.









The Rain And wind.

Fair plays the wind

foul plays the rain

With the wind picking up

the rain loses  its punch

blowing high over the seas

the wind make the tides rise.

Up and up the waves gets buoyed

giving a sensational feel.

The rains remain indolent

getting nowhere in the light

presenting a doleful spite

looking demure and docile.

The wind  blowing fierce

releases energy great

while the rain in reluctance

extends images (6) a worst deal.

The rain and wind

never go well together

like the cat and the mouse

if done cause a disaster

dangerous and  devastating.













Looks Not Matter.

Living things beautiful or ugly

live together in a medley

none to be praised for beauty

none to be teased for ugly.


All do have a sail and an aim

Looks not matter in  fame

Nothing to hate or blame

as it is all in the game.


beautiful and ugly


A Throw With Zest.

The tadpoles and the frog

give a not so likely shrug

as to every other they are a bug

very much away from the tug.


With the distaste and ill will

we go about in  dislike  still

calling for frogs and tadpolesa unrequired bill

that remains crossly  in the fill.


With the hop and jump

the tadpoles come from dump

with the frogs looking plump

exposing in the middle a heavy bump.


As the duo pop out from the marsh

slapping the mud in strokes  harsh

croaking with a double tone  in bass

loitering about in a meandering cross.


Singing about frogs and tadpoles is rare

as they look unpleasant and bare

while none take a positive care

as the frogs and tadpoles are  not fair.


Being unattractive and looking not the best

they do not command any preference in test

as all nurture a great hatred  to them than the rest

they hastily  throw them out with a zest.





Years Ago And Years Down

Once a quiet suburb

now a teeming hub

when a few lived around in past

while thousands  go about in present

when there was no shops all over

where now are giant malls and towers

when it was a walker’s paradise

while now it is an accident prone dias

where it was a zone eco-friendly

while now it is a place of polluted alley

when it was  a healthy explore

now i becoming  a  dire deplore

when it was a receiver of lively downpour

now i a deceiver of rainy outpour.

where years ago there was peace

while years down there is only chaos.

Such is the play of age not only on human

but also on earth labelling it with bad omen..

polluted area