Alilai Krishna

Singing with eyes closed

Dancing to the tune

thrilled and excited

exalted and ecstatic

he danced and danced.



Tears treckled down

Lips quivered

eyelids battered

he sang and sang,



As he danced

he called krishna

he cried out to Kesava

appeared  the little Kanna

with a  smile and twinkle

putting his toe in his mouth.alilaik krishna





Passion Against Reason.

With an inborn liking for art

I go up and down the gallery

pretending to admire the  primary

adding each one to the wish cart

suppressing the desire to buy

as the spending mounts

and as the buying needs no urgency.

This liking drives me mad

with the mind refraining the buy

the heart promotes the purchase

torn between the dilemma

I stand helpless for a while

a conflict of reason over rhyme  arises

Reason being well based

with a rationality and validitypasson

whatever may be the authenticity

it could not overcome the passion

and I go on with my desire

not minding the monetary pressure.

placing myself once again in credit crunch

with a bulk buying in a bunch.


Isms -Realism

The isms take us far

Realism is a factual crisis.

going by the real  is not easy

getting by the facts is dizzy

sticking to truth is fishy

difficult it might sound

strange it might be found

risky it is also on ground.



Realism is a favoured by few

who most feel go without clue.

as most take the easiest tool

being not wanting to be a fool

they change with the times

sing the tunes in rhymes

making people believe  in fake

deserting truth  for its sake.



Ever easy  to utter lies

and go by lively buys

forsaking the real

going by the virtual

that appears then and there

never emboldened and bare

Well it is but rational and fair

adapting to the worldly  care.



Realism has become an anachronism

as all the  other ismsrealism

it is an outdated  portfolio

very much not in the folio

Each one has its compulsions hard

with that they carry on in the card

adjusting to their suitability and convenience

that being the most lively ambience.