Death Of Enthusiasm

The enthusiasm gets constrained

when the expense comes into force.

The  restriction sends a fear

which signals a withdrawal.

it might  be temporary or for long

but the initial grace disappears.


Monetary allowance plays the supervision

with a check on the expenditure,

The excess spending would lands in debt

while the less expenditure would bring no  result

leaving  the thing unfinished  and incomplete

implying a moderation in the go.


Many a spirited project  do not take off

as the financials pose a threat.

The thought of money shatters the imagination

as the flow gets behind  with a pull back

slowly fades away into  the oblivion

gaining a stature of non exisdownload (2)tence





Identity Cards.

Identity cards give a value they say 

They carry a significance in the way 

  Most countries do have these cards

 without which there arises a crisis instead.

 Certain  countries with dense population

 get nowhere in determining the verification

 as the free flow in citizenship multiplies 

making it hard to supervise in applies 

no such identities exist  at all  in countries 

 the process in itself is laborious and defective images (16)

with corrections and deletions getting through 

additions and  references  get out of purview

 the procedure gets no way near

 as the finality gets postponed to the rear

nothing come out fruitful and hopeful

as the cards are thrown into the bin once more.





Magic Elsewhere

Magic is exciting

with a show and skill

keeping us glued

making us thrilled

while we watch gaping

all through the show tantalised.


Now magic spills all over

round every corner

with the governance

including the business

transforming the failures

greatly into success  obvious.


Magic lies in the swiftness

where the speed blindfolds

but how do other  scripts

get into this delectable fold

with a strike and force.


Keep wondering about

when media tells  in a flout

that giant conglomerates

turn overnight in a bang

with  a magical touch .


Doing some adjustments

enforcing the  amendments

paving way for  rise in  revenue

with a hype says the new  executive

All done in a month, leaving one awe-struck magic