Mother And Son.

Mother keeps saying 

she is not partial

but the children keep saying

that she is. very partial.


Not denying the fact  some mothers do

when they have wealth

giving more to one in a go

and less to other in stealth .


A mother with no means

cannot do injustice by course

Knowing that the children by all means

kill her by bargaining  her too much by force.


Making her suffer  much

as she feels desolate

wanting to die greatly as such

before the destined period in isolation.


As she  at a point of time

gets  unable to endure

wishing to die before her time

as it is an even pacifier, and leveler  true.mother-and-son-fighting



A Travel

Traveling  far and wide 

round the side

on a pleasant tide

taking a guide

with nothing in the hide

no more projects to abide

with relaxation as the only ride

he enjoyed himself all well in the glide

returning home with cheer in stride.images (4)





News In A Nutshell

All in a nutshell

 where everything was well

with the ringing of the bell

 came there news with a tell

 about a man who fell

 straight into the  deep well

while there rang the death knell

 as  the man lay in  hell

struggling in pain with  a quell

sobbing and weeping all throughout

when the help  reached out 

lay dead and still without doubt.images (3)












Exhilaration Inciting

A little flower in the garden

 winked at me without pardon

 while I opened  at dawn 

my window wide and drawn.


Winking back at her with affinity

with an expressive smile infinitely

I went out to her with an affability

intending to see her   closely.


She was beautiful from  proximity

almost like a new-born in entity

with tender petals gleaming glossy

exuding a glimmer  great and shiny.


Badly wanted to touch her lovingly

afraid she would get hurt terribly

stood admiring her for a while happily

assimilating her beauty  greatly.


The visual delight was images (2)awe-inspiring

so was the mental peace  transpiring

being for a few moments involving

yet gave an  exhilaration inciting.