Protection Covered — Insurance

Where and all we need protection?

Physical safety is gaining validity

Emotional  security is again metaphysical.

with it comes the property protection

along with the password security

getting on with website  intelligence

with the leaks and spying

going to  a level  destroying

with the government and private

heading towards trouble

as the child and life is at risk

where and more we need protection?

Should we insure everything together

paying premiums altogether

with a fortune spent in premiums

there goes all in a  tedium insurance



could anybody give it a call?




Ode To Inflation

The prices are  going steep

rising with a loud  beep.

Knowing not how to sleep

Knowing not where to keep

We go into debt deep.



Basic necessities are to be bought.

Nothing could be avoided in thought.

Without them  we cannot live in a sortimages (9)

have to buy them however hot

otherwise we have to rot.


With the cost of living going high

as we have to survive

we  are forced to buy

go through with a sigh

wand sign off with a nigh.








The Deal —-Feminism At The Back

There erupts a tease

there emanates a fleece

it is a deride

it is a high bide

being a woman

is but inhuman

as she  is at stages

under her father till an age

then her husband takes the reign

followed by the sons in all signs.

The fatherly role is too authoritative

with a strict approach tentative.

The dictator is the husband

getting her dancing to his loud band

while the son plays a self-conceited game

putting I before all in no shame.

The girl, wife and mother

with no pride in her feathers

with mouth shut and eyes downcast

plays second fiddle to everything fast

that being the fate of the woman

wherein she is a graceful  human

as long as she goes by the male’s domination

once she revolts and rebels

she has to move with a label

a shrew with a vicious ambition.images (8)




Never mind In The Go

As a little girl she  was active

never was she images (7)destructive

ran up she in speed

came down in the same feed

falling many times in the climb

hurting herself in the limb

met with falls during down hill

injuring herself more still

cried she never at any occasion

telling never mind in every situation

she jumped and hopped all around

going with a merry go around

saying loudly never mind in the go.



Growing up she felt the same

as she never became tame

she met with many  success

yet she was well within access

she had a bumpy track down

but could see in her no frown

she pushed aside all her defects

which at times made her imperfect

she certain times got in a trap

but with efforts came out from the grasp

Up and down has been her way of life

Success and failures was found in her strife

lived she saying never mind in the go.