A Motherly Look Out.

mother and three sons

With my sons living far away

with the timings in a stray

one might be getting up with the morn

the other would be retiring in a worn

whilst the third be involved in work all through

as a mother I make no calls  in true

fearing I would distract them

and  really disturb them

but wait in anxiety to hear their voice

a day without talking  leaves me with no choice

as there surrounds a gloom and a worry

while my heart pounds with a query

as how they are getting on in distant lands

hoping they are well  without any difficult stands

so  the day passes on the whole

dull and dim, moving without a goal

Well, that has become my routine nowadays

eagerly looking out for their return in a gaze.





The Fall.

On the hillock

there loitered a bullock

which had a knock

falling on a rock

making the land rock

and the soil lock

it was not a mock

but a genuine  shock

everyone had to flock

by going up the block

with effort  released the bullock.bullock








The Condos Around me.

Away from ny home for a while

coming back  saw in style

high raised apartments round me

with hundred eyes peering down at me

a thing unusual and a strange schedule

as had lived through  all along in a  seclude

with none living around all the way

accustomed to a private and solitary sway

this sudden prop up brings in an awe

that usurps the tranquillity in raw

shattering  the privacy to a great extent

leaving a dazed feel and a deal different483_1macefield_house_seattle_01






The Advent Late.

Rains  are in full swing

cultivation is going

within  a comprehensive ring

the intensity  is in depth

comprising the breadth

done with great vigour

leading to a trigger

would  bring in a bounty great

making the farmers happy thoug800px-Dawn_Maduraih late