Seasonal Boycott

Seasons do not change in flow

as the warming gets going in slow

seasons are static and sultry

boycotting the natural  diplomacy seasons

with spring  extending warmth mostly

then  comes summer  generating heat  greatly

followed by autumn casting hotness nominally

ending up with winter showing  stuffiness unnaturally.


What Am I To Do?

I work hard  day and night

Toiling all through the years

never a time for leisure all these years

I have made millions  without fear

no not but billions something near.


Bequeathing it to my sons  with love  ardent

distributing to my grandchildren with a desire fervent.

reserving hefty revenue and great wealth

extensively to my progeny  in stealth

not minding my failing health.


They would be a fortune for my sons greatly

would  a treasure for my progeny substantially

I earn with a an earnestness and drive

destroying the streams and rivers in a dive

killing everything that are alive.


Dividing the fertile lands  into plots

selling them for higher price in a slot

felling the trees irrationally

uprooting the hills   callously

all for money incidentally.


Involving myself in sand mining

getting a handsome return in the inning

profits come from all directions

with sand, stones leading to a resurrection

land and water lending a correction.


Today my children buy potable water

with a land getting hotter and hotter

they  travel far just  to inhale fresh air

while their inhabitation has become bare

granting a negligible care.


As of now  medical expenses drive them mad

they stare at me with anger and are sad

holding  a grudge  against me straight

and accuse me openly for a cause right

alleging that I have spoilt their life  forthright.destruction

( Pained by seeing the unmindful destruction of nature fro wealth, I wrote this poem.

It is a representative personification  where the imagination gets ahead  exploiting the anguish

and bitterness experienced)


Logs In And Off

customer_login_img1Logging in 

and logging off

makes the day

move with life

being a transaction

that commands a reaction

with a great enthusiasm

keen to read the comments

eager to note the stats

still more wanting to contribute

no matter what might be the response

a great inflow or a zero vis

which would not anyway

quell the participation

that might at times be spectacular

and most times be very ordinary.


Water Turns A Wonder.

Small buildings are found in ponds.

Bigger ones are seen in lakes

Huge constructions take place in rivers

Mighty ones being erected in Oceans.

technology takes you far

very much away from Nature.

making water a (1)