The Revelation

Living away from the crowd

is a pleasant sojourn.


The liberty of being individualistic

is a likely solicitation.


Believing on own efforts

is a lively enthusiasm.


Standing on own legs

is a relevant distinction.


Striving hard and earning wealth

is an elaborate progression.


Life is a challenge

Life is a struggle long and salient


When it turned severe

hop, jump and run.


Hoping to achieve victory  with strain

go ahead with a confidence challenge


Having lived thus  so far  and so long

would live even better till the end.










The Writers Status.

The writing process

brings in enormous pain.

The writing  time

goes into  pitch darkness

The writing theme

drifts towards bitter experience

The writing posture

takes a reclining downloadpose.

The writing thoughts

conceptualize  in  the dream

as he  writes  in great speed

while he sleeps sound.




Anger Cast In A Bury.

It used to rain all time

as October and November 

were months of monsoon rains


bringing cheer in no time.


It is dry these days

very hot and drought prone

much against the routine

inducting famine all through the days.


With no rains in the yard

and oppressing heat in the field

there is a disproportionate feed

similar to the Great Famine  .


The break of routine is not new

as it occurred even in the past

with the duration shortly cast

while now it stretches in a long queue


With the extension of dry spell all year round

none could survive with ease

as the scarcity mounts in  leaps and bounds

filtering a not so pleasant experience all around.


How to combat Nature”s fury?

It has stubbornly gone ahead

denying the rightful rains at proper time

Well, it is perhaps its anger cast in a bury.dry weather





The Whistling Wind.

With a bristle and a drizzle

came the wind with a whistle

hiding  behind the thistle

blowing without any hassle

hurting none in the nestle

easing out nothing in the  tussle

went away in a fizzle.wind whistles