Thunders rock the sky

bringing excess rain along

resonating and rejuvenating

at the same time.thunder


Saving Marriages

Differences do crop up on and off

between husband and wife with a scoff

mostly with  a harshness  in the pay off .

Well ! that is how life is made off

ignoring the faults totally with a laugh

appreciating the merits greatly with a smile

there would be enlivening harmony all the while

with that marriages would run smoothly without derail

calling off uninvited divorces and separation

leaving the children to live in peace in integration

under the canopy of love and care in absolute young couple in nursery definition




Sound And Echoes.

Calling mamma all over the world

echoed as  ” amma” to me in India

with that the similar words

rhyming the same every time

get a conspicuous  tone and sound

peculiar to the region and dialect

strange in places away  with an insight

becoming an incoherent  murmur  right.

Well, that being so goes the most familiar word

taking a different cue  and interpretation  loudmamma-mia

the most common word as simple as now

gets into the wave and sounds no

with that the denial gets linked up closely

leading to a controversy  unexpectedly

as also the  other much used word fat

falls  into another’s ear as fought

provoking an anger of great limit beyond

landing one in great trouble in the surround.

The repetition and assumptions of rhymes mostly

with the variations in diction   lands on a bounce greatl







The Call Of Birthdays.

Fascination about birthdays

excitement over that special day

the fun that comes with it freely

and the joy that brings to the child naturally

could be expressed in no way.


The child about  four to ten mostly

feels at the top of the world intensely

as eyes run round her keenly

while she is cutting the cake gleefully

hearing the Happy Birthday cries.


The tempo goes on for ever almost

as certain individuals   on the  most

go through  the same thrill  utmost

with an even more exaltation foremost

as they cut their cake happily


ninety-one candles  lit.


Birthdays bring joy for children primarily

with a new dress and a celebration  regularly

while the  seniors  go with the rituals fervently

with a fear in mind and a desire to  have a longevity

hoping not to suffer any malady and illness

but badly wanting to extend life with a fullness.young-kids-at-a-birthday-party