The Bright Sun

The sun shining bright

going up Sunlight straight

forcing the eyes to close tight

otherwise one might lose the sight.




About Sleep

It is a sleep  that takes you long

an ironical interpretation all along

as sleep is one of inertia all through

where nothing happens mostly untrue

as far as I know fully well about the relaxation

sleep   brings in lot more  packages  in relation

with the fund of observations  in the track

that of complete  rejuvenation without a slack

with the body getting refreshed absolutely sound

and the mind  gearing up with a  force bound

proposing an empowerment of the body and soul

going greatly with a focus missing no toll.long sleep







Wait for the right time they say

what would it do in a way?

Nothing great  as they say

but would bring a great delay.


Waiting for an opportunity right

is but a deformity straight

Waiting is a postponement  not a fight

allowing us to lose the sight.


Every time is the right time for me

as I right timego about like a bee

I wait for nothing to happen in glee

as waiting insists a flee.















Nothing More.

Nothing more to write

says the mind in straight.

Nothing  more to think

sees the mind with a blink.

Nothing more to solve

calls the mind with a resolve.

Nothing more to wrap

tells the mind with a snap.

Nothing more a to be found

as the mind shuts things around.nothing more