Saw A Bunny

Saw a bunny 

it looked funny

gnawing a carrot

squeaking like a parrot

went running  uphill

came tumbling  downhill

looking like a snow ball

responding to the call

it was a visual treat

keeping one upbeat.bunny







Days Have Gone By.

Going by the days that have gone by

what a time it was recollected without shy

the days  I played hopping  with my friends

the years I worked to get through in trends

the hours I spent in preparing for the examinations

the minutes I Days past.lost myself in observations

the seconds that  led me to risky foreclosures

all come to my mind in a packed enclosure

making me to sit back with a relaxation

and also ponder over with a redemption

calling for an immediate renunciation

alienating the earthly wishes  from the occupation

accepting what comes in the way as a lively  revenue

expecting  no further bonus or perquisites in retinue.

This tryst being assumed in  determination

will find a way out in timely duration.












My Lemon Trees

I planted a lemon tree

and with it another a little away.

The two grew in great spree

one beating the other  in a way

healthy and lovely they grew

from a sapling to a plant fine

tuft and green in hue

a little while after  with a shine

came out the flowers tiny

blossoming with a nice fragrancelemon tree

thence shot up the little fruit shiny

dark green and small in reference

with mounted anxiety watched the fruit

that became bigger and bigger

turning yellow  slowly in the shoot

it was a sight very magnificent  in vigour

with a yellowish green  display

enhancing  the environment  with a  colourful play.