A steam goes up in fumes steam

be  it  from a burnt  charred  debris 

or be it a sigh of anguish  somewhere. 



Facilitating  gets ahead with a choice

as how to do it well in poise

helping the one with great ease

doing it with little or no  fees

becoming a  business gradually

coordinating and linking gift eventually

taking pains to deliver on time

holding a risk  at times

satisfying the receiver and the giver

as mercy is twice blest altogether

facilitation is double-edged  in truth

going by the transactions in faith

any fall out  would bring heart burns

spoiling the relations  in turns

A careful handling itself becomes expensive

as it involves great care in the defensive.




The Serious Consideration

Deliberating on a point

wanting to find out in a joint

could one believe people around

could one go by their advice in sound


This happens to me in  periods

when some event becomes tedious

considering the imminence

overseeing  the  inference.


With the thought there arises a situation

as to trust the friends  with  total obsession

also to have faith in relatives seriously

gaining a perplexity in terms incidentally.



The dilemma sticks on all through

setting a nervousness not newtrust

believing or not takes the foremost

losing interest in the specific event utmost.












The Power Of Love.

A call in the early hours

came from a senior lady

not for anything serious

but for a help really

though not a very big obligation

nor an expensive deal rather

being a small purchase in supposition

that of a zari dhoti   in grandeur

she still is overseeing meticulously

the husband’s  need  in detail

wanting to complete his  wardrobe carefullyzari

with this special buy in retail

loving to see him attired so  finely

for the forthcoming festival

Diwali  the  one of lights  mainly

expressing her love for him subtly.