A Gift Exclusive.

Carefully chosen

with no hasten

scrupulously  picked

with a deliberated tick

exclusively crafted.


All for my  son’s marriage

which became a  rage

rising up to a delight

attracting everyone’s sight

a gift rare to find.


Desiring the same  choice

as it commanded a poise

provoking everyone to distribute

the same gift with an attribute

that of exclusiveness .


Helpless I stand now

as I do not know

how to say no

as the cost might rattle

the buyers mood.


Requests come pouring

asking for a facilitating

how am I going to work?

causes  a worried irk

know not how to cross over?swan











The Conversion

Mountains became slopes

slopes turn into lands

lands get disappearance converted into furrows

furrows  look like pits

pits slowly disappear

nothing more is seen.


Birthdays Every Year.

Celebrations   all through life

with birthdays coming every year

praying to God for extra yearshomams

well , what to say at the age of sixty

that being a  little more understandable

as now intense prayers for extension

goes ahead at the age of seventy

followed by eighty, ninety and hundred

not in a duration of a decade

but going by every year from sixty

and even before the age of that

with the fifty-eight, fifty-nine

going to temples and conducting poojas

with homams and abhishekams

inviting relatives and friends

laying the table and throwing out a feast

not for lunch but for days together

making people sit and watch the religious function

has become the fashion  in my part of India

where people’s greed has become extraneous

wanting to become immortal  and prosperous

and enjoy the life altogether  with a longevity