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The Religious Embrace

The conversion as such
calls for nothing much
mean the religious change
that be within a range
India being a secular nation
with Hinduism as the religion
along with many others in the fray
Islam, Christianity at the bay
with other faiths in a minority
Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism as priority
the ancient land of Vedas and scriptures
stays May-23_bahai-religiounited in all other features
the Hindus tolerant in all ways
pay slight attention in any case
the others do not express similar feel
become infuriated and come out with a deal
cry hoarse over their faith being shattered
not knowing that it is each one’s wish and interest
cannot contrive a restriction and a circumspect
politicise the religious beliefs to the wildest
fleecing peace and bringing chaos in the quickest.


The Conversion

Mountains became slopes

slopes turn into lands

lands get disappearance converted into furrows

furrows  look like pits

pits slowly disappear

nothing more is seen.

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Conversions In Reality

Converting despair into hope is  a  mathematical enigma.

Derivations and calculations  comprise the literal math dilemma,

 As formulas shell out a facilitated  working stigma,

 Though practice distributes a  quick resolution  sigma,

Solving equations and riders is   problematic  firmly.

Despair rattles and slaughters the being mercilessly

Destroy and dismantle the  existence  aggressively,

Tortures and troubles  life to a decimation intensely,

Fleecing the lively spirit to a minimal intensity,

Resurfacing from the thematic diabolic is an insurgency assuredly.

Anyhow conversions  look impracticable apparently,

The sticky volatiles  debar a  recuperation incidentally,

The hideous significance of distress  poses a  disparity,

The  ferocious  melt downs indicate a casualty,

 Emanating  from the  crackdowns  is a  task herculean  directly.

Yet it is beautiful to transform  negative into positive,

Most of the gruesome deals modified little become cash  incentive,

Much of the severe blows  referred back  a bit  are highly   receptive,

All the  mishaps experienced  treated rightly produce  great  redemptive

Emerging from the ambushed traps  is an onerous job really.