Died A Few Hours Ago -Elegy.

A girl I know just out of her teens

not a real beauty  but a smart kid

not very fair  but wheatish  in complexion

blessed with a pretty smile

Intelligence  being her forte

Pleasant being her charm

spread radiance all round

making her mother happy

bringing fame to her father

a duty bound in law

a loving wife to her husband

and a doting mother

on the whole  a damsel great

died a few hours ago

being not a natural death

but an accident gruesome

shattering her head

and plucking her little daughter

she breathed her last

as she being always in a hurry

got married early

gained motherhood early still

and left the world also early

with a hasten and movement fast

leaving her poor mother stunned and shaken

releasing a grief  and  a loss irreparable.



Dig did he into his mind

could not get any new find.

Dig did he into his pocket

could not unlock the locket

Dig did he into his wallet leather

could not satisfy his wishes tender.

Dig did he into his cup board

could trace  nothing with the  code

Dig did he into the past

could not track the lost

Dig did he into the archives

could not retrieve

Dcustomize-dashboard-03ig did he into everything

including  his blog dashboard

finding nothing on board

he stood exhausted  and bored.





Traffic  bids a congestion

when seen in a thoroughfare

where vehicles move inch by inch

causing a chaotic commotion

and a delay in motion .


Traffic  seen through differently

when they come in flow to a blog

where they assume importance

assuring a popularity great

and a readership valuable.


The same stream going through

with the inflow causing a stagnancy

at one part of the schedule physically

while the similar one creating a buoyancy

in another scheme  in a sense abstract.


Traffic  thus sensitises the world

calling for attention and disturbance

whatever it might proclaim

literally  a pull out from the normalcy

either in the increase or decrease.traffic-jamget-traffic-to-your-blog