Woe Filled Earth.

images (14)Drought and famine found  in certain places.

Floods and death seen  in other places

Any way there being tragedy in all places

Who is responsible for these phases?

You and I along with different faces

make this beautiful earth faceless.


The Sky Is Blue

The sky is  blue

with  dark clouds few

appearing dazzlingly new

throwing a beautiful hue

with   the birds  flying in a queue

presenting images (13)a graceful designation true.





Compete you may

not for laurels and prizecompete

only for fun


Near Yet Away.

Sitting  in the middle of the crowd

listening  not with attention to people talking loud

has become my pastime from days long ago.


Being part of the crowd  is  involuntary

as having to attend functions is  compulsory

has been my way of life  from days long ago.


Talks keep me in wonder and  terror

as I follow them from yonder

that  holds no fundamentals  from days long ago.


Amazed at the irrelevance and biting reference

I remain scary  of the concluding inference

which  incites  the hearer from days long ago.


Being in the middle and at the same time away

Not being a part of it with thoughts nestling away

has been my procedure all through the days.


Sounding odd and different I go about

with people calling me proud

enduring their mock  I carry on undisturbed.marriages