Mergers And Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions  go in a speed

leading to an indirect feed

one getting amalgamated into another

with the acquirer becoming greater

and the acquired getting insignificant sooner

with business completely transferred to the other



Merger is a subtler form of acquisition

taking up the existing in a motion

bringing into the fold gradually

the existing clientele in a mannerly

accounting for  a smooth transition discreetly

performing an execution neat and intrinsic mergers


Acquisition is a bold move

taking into consideration  every proof

getting ahead with a plan and strategy

leaving the undesired in the synergy

accepting the wanted only in a hush

proposing to demonstrate with a rush.


Mergers and acquisitions are fast nowadays

with the global economy in shatters  in days

with shutdowns and corruptions marking the economy

the failures besiege the world like a Tsunami

and the failed being embraced by the successful

finally losing their identity in full.



as it goes on in a slow





Publishing makes one  nervous

Writing is a flow natural

being very much spontaneous

Getting it into print is  strain  literal

where there emanates pain  laborious.

Writing with ease when and where

with none to go about in tease there

an effort that is privately own

going by the thoughts grown

decorating them with  wordy toimages (12)nes.

Getting published is every writer’s wish

getting publishers is a  great risk.

with every publication turning away in a fizz

the writer loses his tempo in a brisk

thus many works get away  not recognised by a kiss.



Rains After Some Time.

Rains did come  after a long time.

that being a month’s time

when the town is out of time

experiencing only hotness all time

with no water available every time

the land turned a desert of all time

people perspiring and fuming  most time

the down pour  comes late in time

bringing  in a happy time

when people  would rejoice for some  time

expecting copious rains in coming times

they need to replenish their stock  in no time.

Indeed rains should come for all at all times.images (11)









Life Holds

images (10)Life has many things for you

wonderful and marvellous

doleful and disastrous.

The one that comes first

and the other that comes  behind

come on their own way

not controlled by  any

nor  decided by many.


With the great and good

with the bad and rude

life gets on in the road

dragging along  the issues broad

taking into account deeds performed

focusing on the good you do lovingly

rewarding you with best greatly.


No reason could you attribute

nothing could be distributed

as everything is ruled by fate

which is preordained and slated

Living well and doing good  be the way

which would certainly  make  us gay.