All Directions.

there blows download (28) a storm in the west

hitting against the shores of the east

crossing north south  in test.


Nature At Risk

Mountains are in crumbles 

Oceans are up in trembles.

Land has become a gamble.

Rivers are  in shambles

The land which grew grains

looks a desert without  rains.

Hills  which appeared magnificent

have lost their translucent.

The Seas which were soft

have risen up to great lofts.

The rivers’ were transparent

now express shabbiness apparent.

The cause for such situation

be found in the enunciation

where man’s greed is manifested

with every other resource being inflicted.nature at risk


The Orphan

An orphan  is born out of mother 

becoming so  is a gruesome bother

losing her  prematurely is a way

going by the incidents fatal in stay

she throwing the child wantonly

assumes a notion orphan


the former being a natural event

the latter becoming a defiant

that being the result of lust

fearing to give name in best

discarding the new-born  as rust

the child becomes an orphan in no age

grows up  steadily in the orphanage

with his mother living well with another

while his father  raising a family with the other

the little one grows up untended in default.








Money Everywhere.

Money taking the upper part

 wherein we know not in short.

 overtaking the factual to a degree

 beheading truth in a  steady

gobbling  the reality fully

implicating a riot gleefully

leading to a destruction entirely

which is not seen immediately

but would surface in a while slowly

showing the doers their  callousness

while they being exposed in greatnessfutureless

with that the  manipulation of money power

will never stop but go in strides  in a hover

sealing the community to a futureless  destiny.