Saturday Preceeds Sundays.

Saturday preceedsSunday

the weekends they  say

days of rest to many

be that so? I query.


I have work every day

is it ? you ask anyway

Yes , there is the sky

all through the day.


Am I quixotic? in a way

I hear you mumble all day

I am out of mind  all  the way

you conclude in a day.


I have got the sky

I have got my eyes  always

I look at the sky

gaze be the word in a way.


Gazing is my way

all through the day

I see the blue sky

then the grey one in ways.


The blue one is clear

I hold it dear.

The grey one is unclear

I consider it a drear.


The dark sky brings rains

indirectly a gain

the blue sky sheds light

instantly a glorious sight.


They say the sky is overcast

would it last?

nay, it would remain so  for a while

then would resume its style.


Hundred more things the sky interprets

being a lovely diaspora

hundred more feels I could deliberate

the sky being my inspiration.















A Morning

It being a  gay morning

with the birds joyfully  chirping

the wind  noiselessly whispering

the sun lazily rising

the donkeys  constantly braying

the horses frequently  galloping

the dogs randomly   barking

the street  vendors incessantly  shouting

the children  soundly sleeping

the  women busily  cooking

the men tenderly  gardening

the day extensively  stretching

with activities  sleepingdramatically lessening

as it being a Sunday in the opening.

Actions Poem thoughts

Rendez vous

car signalHaving an appointment at 9.30.a.m.
I had to rush to the rendez vous.
Driving fast as it was already 9 a.m
I dashed against the signal
my car’s bonnet got dented.
I rashly drove further
hopped on the speed breaker
while my head suffered a knock severe.
Bearing the pain I made a swift turn
a bus came and I rammed into it.
Getting down from the car
paying no attention to the shouts
Iran all the way to the rendez vous
Lo! the people have long dispersed