Saturday Preceeds Sundays.

Saturday preceedsSunday

the weekends they  say

days of rest to many

be that so? I query.


I have work every day

is it ? you ask anyway

Yes , there is the sky

all through the day.


Am I quixotic? in a way

I hear you mumble all day

I am out of mind  all  the way

you conclude in a day.


I have got the sky

I have got my eyes  always

I look at the sky

gaze be the word in a way.


Gazing is my way

all through the day

I see the blue sky

then the grey one in ways.


The blue one is clear

I hold it dear.

The grey one is unclear

I consider it a drear.


The dark sky brings rains

indirectly a gain

the blue sky sheds light

instantly a glorious sight.


They say the sky is overcast

would it last?

nay, it would remain so  for a while

then would resume its style.


Hundred more things the sky interprets

being a lovely diaspora

hundred more feels I could deliberate

the sky being my inspiration.















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