Hari Raya Wishes To Malaysians

I miss Id Mubarak, when Malaysia
resonates with laughter,
I rejoice, from afar
with you, as I did earlier.

The crescent moon
in the dark sky marks the
commencement of Ramadan,
the 40 day fast ends.
It is Hari Raya.

Celebrations bring
happiness and concern.
Hand shakes and greetings
mark the day.
Hari Raya Adlitifri

The family gathers
in the kampongs. a reunion,
relish the sumptuous buffet.
Love and care overwhelm.
Salamat Hari Raya

Sweets and savouries,
beef and fish along with
rice are served to the needy’
A liberal hand out.
Ramadan in its glory.

Fun and frolic
goes with the day,
compassion and mercy
makes the festival credible.
Salamat Datang.