Move On Whatsoever

The twelve year period
one of confrontation,
that of controversies,
court cases and rumours
led me to a status
of renunciation.

I do not let out my emotions,
nor do I talk about them
distance from those
who inflict harm.
The way I live

I go to the extremes ,
desist from entering
the family house,
Spend the time in the car
while visiting the place.

These years levy a toll
from the health point
I manoeuvre the strain
with stoicism, in the midst
lose the power of my legs.

Knees hurt, ankle gives way
to the prolonged hours of
sitting. I suffer.
They live in cheer.
Create havoc further.

God blesses us both
the one who resigns
the other who indulges.
Strange is his attitude.
I move on with pain,