Let Them Keep Going

A long contested battle
one without merit
that too in court
comes to a meek end.

Filed for reason best known
to the plaintiffs
contested by the defendant
for the sake of it.

The solicitors make money
do not want to complete
argue without any base
while the judge postpones.

It is fun to watch
interesting to hear
as the plaintiffs
engage in endless talks.

The keenness last for a while.
The listeners get bored.
Cease to pay attention
much to the disappointment.

Decades go by as time
does not wait for anyone
The lawyers in the end
get vexed.

The contest concludes,
Not a big event whatsoever
except for a fat sum refunded
to the defendant.

The plaintiffs still cry
they have won. The way
they have understood.
Let them keep going.