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Pilgrims Progress-An Allegorical Satire

None  the less for religion

None the less for fear,

None the less for peace,

None the less for confidence

But to gain

The  pilgrims progress

Not for the sake of God,

Not for the sake of goals

Not for the sake of strength

Not for the sake of greatness

But to hoard

The  pilgrims progress

Not to uphold justice,

Not to initiate fairness,

Not to assert righteous,

Not to observe discipline

But to earn

The  pilgrims progress.

Not to pray,

Not to seek blessing,

Not to be forgiven,

Not to be impeccable

But  to amass

The pilgrims progress.

Never out of love,

Never out of kindness,

Never out of mercy,

But out of greed,

The Pilgrims progress

Ever the captivation  lures

Ever the attraction sustains.

Ever the radiance glows

It is ever  for money.

The Pilgrims progress