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Halt Tempers

The heart seizes for a moment,

As it sees a devastation,

The heart ceases  its movement,

As it hears a  misrepresentation,

The heart palpitates for a time

As it experiences a rude turbulence

The heart stumbles for a chime

As it treads over a  fraudulence.

The heart   governed by tempers,

Invokes a fatal infraction

Halt  extravagant tempers,

As it triggers cranky  tensions

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May Their Tribe Increase-A Dream

Out there you see a snob,

With a close cut bob,

Masquerading before a mob,

Ensuing a provocative throb.

Out there you find a cheek,

With a prying beak,

Manipulating over a freak,

Anchoring over a leak.

Out there you espy a wicked,

With a  hairy thicket,

Lobbying for a ticket,

Beneath a  picket.

Out there you notice a  treacherous,,

With a  gait hideous,

Unfolding a crime nefarious.

Beside a pit ravenous.

Out there you  meet the stupid,

With a pulse tepid,

Bearing a grin placid,

Below a spring rapid.

Out there you  greet a  bribe

With a nostalgic vibe,

Devolving  a sensational  prescribe

Nurturing a  false  jibe.

Come , let we sing to appease,

Come, let we act to please,

Come , let we  call  with ease,

May their tribe increase.

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Tremendous Fear,

I hold a  terrible fear,

Which keeps me in rear,

I keep  myself agile,

To make a dash fragile,

Away from the  hound.

I withdraw from the sight,

Alert to take a flight,

Apprehensive of my plight,

I dare meet  them straight,.

Far from the   mound.

I take shelter in a  hide out,

Amidst  a thicketed   cut out,

My heart  races fast ,

My legs  fumble past,

Very near the spot.

I   run away in plight

As I hear the bark right,

I pant heavily,

As I see a stout bully.

A snarling dog  bright……!