Mother’s Voice

Being a lovely day
with plenty of sunshine
and rains in the evening
I like to stay out,
first basking in the sun,
then loiter in the rains
as the drizzle falls sharp
penetrates through the skin
a thrill inexplicable.
an excitement as if I am
a ten year old.

Never was allowed at that age
to get drenched in rain for
fear of catching cold
nor was permitted to wander
in the sun, lest I would get tanned.
It is my mother’s caution. She
cherished her daughter, never
could she brook any harm being done.
I led a very protected life
my mother’s eyes always upon me
maternal love anyhow.

Having grown old , with mother
gone long ago, I myself an old hag
wish to relish in a way I would like.
Slowly I go out and stand in the rain
the showers fall on my face
an excitement it really is.
Return to dry my short hair.
I recall every moment of this new
experience. it does not last long
I start sneezing and cough sets in.

I hear my mother’s voice,
high as it could be.