Vastu Or Feng- Shui

It is Vastu in India,
Feng- Shui In China,
system which indicate
the placements of rooms,

Do not know how
the West goes.
The four directions
play a crucial role.

Many convenient locations
have to be ignored
cause the Vastu
does not recommend.

The bedrooms in direction
south west, kitchen in south east,
prayer room in North east
being the vantage positions.

The entrance facing the east is best,
on the North brings wealth,
south and west are mediocre
so reads the Vastu Shastras.

All these follow ups will bring
peace and prosperity
health and fortune
adds the Vastu principles.

Amazed, I wonder for a while
do they really work?
are they based on science?
I keep my fingers crossed.

It is in the mind.
actions bring happiness.
truth ushers peace,
sincerity leads to prosperity.

No matter what
Vastu or Feng- Shui say.