Wishing My Readers A Happy 2020!

2020 is about to dawn.

 Let us welcome the year 

with  cheer and gusto. 

Let this decade witness 

 peace and goodwill.

Let it not be one  that 

 does not reflects terrorism.

Let the ten years  encounter 

success and achievements .

Let they bring joy 

and happiness to all .

Wishing my readers 

 a very Happy 2020.-


The Days Personalized

The days that go by their count
those that come
after full moon,
new moon hold significance
as being auspicious, inauspicious,
good and bad.

Forbid the eighth day
as it connotes retrogression,’
the ninth calls for lesser progression,
the fifth assures prosperity
while the fourth and sixth
ensure progress.

The premier is forbidden
the second is better,
while the third, seventh
and tenth have their own
significance neither
good or bad.

Do they really bear
any relevance? Men differ.
It is the numbering
nothing else, no desperate
experiences being tagged,
has become a practice
from long unknown
attributing dire
consequence to the