A Manoeuvre

I go for a walk every evening
a ploy to keep my legs active.

Mine being a strange case,
able to walk in ease for half an hour.

Peculiar, being unable to stand
for more than quarter an hour.

I look at myself with a keenness
nowhere did I examine myself so close.

Neither obese, being for sure,
nor slender being true .

I have been active all through my years,
never an athlete for certain.

Did learn dancing for quiet a number of years,
very regular in my classes, that being an exercise.

Did cycling till I got married, going around the house,
never a champion for that matter.

Then came the family with three kids
days were not enough to take care of them.

In the milieu lost twenty years or so
entered the middle age all too soon.

Perfect cooperation from my all
my faculties. They synchronize seamlessly.

As I enter my fifties I feel the bite
harsh it turns, with a break down of my right knee.

I manage somehow with home remedies, spray,
pain killers and physio therapy.

Nothing gives me a permanent cure,
I have to live with wobbling legs,

I make a point to walk well over 2 kilometers
dragging my legs, at times I experience sharp pain.

The practice gives me comfort to an extent,
relieve the stiffness and make the legs supple.

This month I miss a lot as rains compete with me
every evening they come with a big bang.

Walking has become a habit, like drinking hot tea
every morning after breakfast.

It is being challenged by nature.
Oh ! no, my knees appear to ache.