Those Behind The Counter

The staff behind the counter
dressed in black, nice and robust
walk in at 9, 10. 11.
8 am being the official time.

They do not take seat at once,
loiter for a few minutes,
smile at the applicants
that being one of contempt

They display an air of authority
as if they are heroes
recline on their seat greet each other
then start their work.

Speak to the applicants with disregard,
make them wait unnecessarily
place them in anxiety, they who
had been waiting from & in the morning.

Wicked they are with an awkward smile,
favouring those who give them kick backs
while those who come on their own
had to wait for hours and even days.

A simple approval turns complicated
Well, that is how it happens
when you live in an alien land.
it is always your Country– the best.