Glory Be His!

Unethical it is
so as to say
keeping the best
always for you
not sharing anything
for that matter
be good or bad.

The possessiveness
I see in him
right from the day
I came to know
him. It is forever
” for me, for me”.
He has been living
seven decades the way.

So does his family
think of them alone
the rest are to fend
for themselves,
either it be shelter
over their head,
or any other
basic necessities.

Seeking an alternative,
I set up my quarters
wherever I go, never
think of sharing with
anybody forsaking
that which belong to me.
Knowing it will work
to his advantage,

He gleefully occupies
even ‘the corners,
lives with an empowerment
commanding every other
who turn submissive
Fortunate he is i
n every respect,.
He will strike an hundred
with borrowed wealth .