Actions Haiku

Great And Humble -Haiku

great and humbleGreat you be
in deeds,thoughts and action
humble in behaviour.

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The Land Where I Grew- Madurai.

It is an ancient city full of life,

It never sleeps all night,

It rises with an unassuming humility ,

And  sets in with  revered simplicity,

Bereft of pretensions and detentions

 Which necessitates no retention

It puts on a trait of modesty,

Gathers no ill talk or foul thought,

 While it sustains with resolute faith and determination

Leads an  austere  and no frill life,

Marked not by coquettishness and affectation,

 My home town believes in values  and morals,

 By Distinguishing  real from fake,

By discriminating fact and fiction,

 It may seemingly appear as a laid back city,

With no  huge and gaudy shopping  malls,

With no glittering  entertainment theatres,

With no  theme parks and play centres,

But with lot of temples in and around,

Singing the praise of  God with innate ardour,

Chanting the mantras and slokas   with fervour,

Chiming  the gigantic bells  with religious frenzy,

Taking the Gods and Goddesses in a procession,

All around the  main streets of the town,

Yes ! this is a city of temples,

Where there dwells sanity and sanctity,

Where there remains truth and sincerity,

 Which is very much still  soaked in divinity ,

Cherishing the noble ideals  and ethics

 While  getting entranced in  the holy gaiety.