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Where Does Power Lie?

 Does it lies with the wealthy and rich ?

Is it  one in one with political big wigs?

 Does it  empowers the bureaucratic  pitch ?

 Nay  it makes people rig and dig.,

The top notches and top brass wield  authority,

Assuming they are a pack of indispensable,

They  decry and degrade everyone in their territory,

Writing off the average man as  contemptible


They luxuriously  roll and roll in wealth,

They deceitfully mint and print money,

They bask in the sun to enhance their health,

They speak and behave  like bitter-sweet honey.

The Man in the town moves ahead  without fuss,

Minding his business with concentration   truly,

Unknowingly knowing that his  money slips into the leader’s purse,

Unobtrusively observing the wrongs and scams diligently.

Five years fly  quietly  and quickly in a wink,

The leaders  descend  the ladder  for the first time,

Rushing to meet the Man in  the street link,

 Oh ! Oh!The election  is fast approaching calls the gentle rhyme.

 With  folded hands and with peevish looks  in  shifts 

The   heads of different parties go up and down,

Appeasing  Our Man  by advancing innumerable   gifts,

 Ascribing  gadgets and attires  to his own.

 Chuckling the electorate accepts all nonchalantly,

Nods with gusto and smiles with  mischievous pride,

Looking down on the supremo with condescension deliberately,

 While  they  promise   falsely to  favour the great octogenarian’s side.

The eighty-six  year old is a confirmed invalid,

Confined to the wheel chair  lying partially  ,

Compounded by his wives , children  both valid and invalid,

The ensemble  of the family are soaked in scams absolutely.

The polling went briskly a month ago,

His opponent  , a lady , in par with him almost,

Poses a stiff contest  in a competitive  go-go.

The people have no choice rather than these two at the utmost.

The old chief still shrewd and alert , manoeuvres  all trends

  Vigilantly watches the decline in the voters confidence,

Yet ,expects a victory , a sweeping majority  at all bends,

Well, hope is not only for us but also for him ,as it  lights up his defence.

The hand that has not rocked the cradle so  long 

Has got the mandate to rule the state,

She  gestures  her symbol of two leaves  as a  note  of joyous   song

Proclaiming herself as one unbeatable  of late.

The highly explosive Tamils bright and educated,

Bring the frail Karunanidhi and robust Jeyalalitha to rule

Vest them with undue power  decade  after decade .

Throwing the prosperity of the State to  a  desolate cool.

Now , do you know ,where does power lie?

Not as earlier told  with the rich in the tower,

But in ordinary citizens  ,who  factually buy,

The vestibules  and corridors  of power.