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Conversions In Reality

Converting despair into hope is  a  mathematical enigma.

Derivations and calculations  comprise the literal math dilemma,

 As formulas shell out a facilitated  working stigma,

 Though practice distributes a  quick resolution  sigma,

Solving equations and riders is   problematic  firmly.

Despair rattles and slaughters the being mercilessly

Destroy and dismantle the  existence  aggressively,

Tortures and troubles  life to a decimation intensely,

Fleecing the lively spirit to a minimal intensity,

Resurfacing from the thematic diabolic is an insurgency assuredly.

Anyhow conversions  look impracticable apparently,

The sticky volatiles  debar a  recuperation incidentally,

The hideous significance of distress  poses a  disparity,

The  ferocious  melt downs indicate a casualty,

 Emanating  from the  crackdowns  is a  task herculean  directly.

Yet it is beautiful to transform  negative into positive,

Most of the gruesome deals modified little become cash  incentive,

Much of the severe blows  referred back  a bit  are highly   receptive,

All the  mishaps experienced  treated rightly produce  great  redemptive

Emerging from the ambushed traps  is an onerous job really.