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An Ode To Tears.

Tiny drops run down the cheeks   with a pack of emotions

The fall from the eyes  links itself to a strange devotion,

The watery flow  is accompanied by a sobbing cry,

The juvenile drops   also  smother  a  happy  ply,

Recording   both sides of life in a micro droplet.

Eyes react to  happenings  fast and first  in a  strain,

Redness sets, in  them, primarily exposing an anguished  pain  

The lids flutter emitting an indignation  plain,

The  brows twitch and twinge revealing a  distress main,

Registering a salty track  of the minute  droplets.

 Eyes light up to the marvels and cheers of experiences lovingly

Pleasure reflects  through  them  exhibiting a happiness  likely,

The eyelids  elaborately widen promising an enhancement  really,

The eyebrows rise up affirming a contagious bliss heavenly,

Demonstrating a study of  joy through the soft  dewy  droplets.

Scientifically tears   are a liquid product  called lacrima,

Engaged in the process of cleaning and lubricating the  cornea,

Irritants  in the environment  induce an oedema,

The sensitive organ is susceptible to infectious trauma,

Resulting in a conjunctivitis   producing sticky  droplets.

Triggers and tremors  bring about a sadness  in entirety

Pains and setbacks  touch the  strings  of grief in  totality,

 Death and estrangement  strike a blow  in all  eventuality

Shedding tears is a beneficial course of pouring out   in difficulty,

Releasing  the cork of bottled sorrow in  atom like droplets.