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I Know A Man Called Antony

I know a man lean  and thin,

With a long pointed  chin,

Lanky and awkward ,

Grey  and wayward,

Very  cheap but crafty,

Most cunning least hefty,

Avariciously insincere,

 With Dangerous desire,

Tries to break families,

Feigns  broad smiles,

Draws to   court,

Every simple float,

This  good  Man,

Is Antony  without  Mark,

An unknown culprit in  dark,

In Shakespeare’s  drama

It is Mark Antony pro forma,

 Julius Ceaser   cried “You too Brutus”

Now it is , not a colossus ,

But a loud shout,

“Are you not Antony?’

The breaker of unity,

Yes ,I am,

Replies he,

I break to sustain.

I cut ties to survive,

“Who are you?” my dear Antony,

“I am a lawyer” says Antony.

“Shall  I put you to him?’I ask,

Nay , not , refuses  my friend.

So much ,so good, for all of you

For ,only ,I know a man called Antony.

(Antony is a fictitious character)