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Ode On Odds

Facing difficulties with stoicism is rare,

The plunge into sadness in always there,

The obsession  destroys almost to a bare,

The overture of melancholy is beyond care,

Leaving a grievance almost unfair.



Majority makes the rule and reigns  the world,

The lesser the number  more distraction hold,

The fairer  the contention the more injustice folds,

The greater the tolerance the more attacks load,

Enumerating an experience almost unbearable to withhold.




Physical flaws make head way to a cross,

Limbs at default create a structure loss,

Senses at fault show no outward gloss,

Head without brain causes a faltering gross,

Initiating a significance almost unnerving to a toss.




Mental derangements  carry out a considerable  risky charge ,

Violent tempers dedicate a destructive barrage, 

Anger ignites  a  shrivelling terror at large,

Vengeance provokes a hideous  abominable  discharge,

Recording a happening almost disastrous in  enlarge.




Oddities strike  with energised  haste and  venom,

They come in battalions  to thwart the stratum.,

Causing a definite  terrible pain of spasm,

Disintegrating the entities into a chasm,

Resorting to an inevitable devastation  awesome.