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Sensational Happenings

Osama Bin laden shot and killed,

Gold prices down and frilled,

Silver falls  flat and grilled,

Oil slides fast and drilled,

Dollar oscillates and  ceremoniously  filled,

The world is surprised and thrilled.

Osama’s death calls for  reference,

Pakistan’s  ineptitude is not a defence,

U.S ‘s operation is a  preference,

Where high secrecy was the observance,

Keeping the host in absolute  ignorance,

The job was accomplished  in great confidence.

Gold  became a cynosure of all eyes, 

Not because of value but of price,

The shining metal acquired a gigantic size,

Out smarting other metals and stocks rise,

Marching ahead in  imperious ties,

Renewing a vigorous secure buy.

Silver the poor cousin of gold,

Had been modest  of the fold,

Joined the mad rush  in  terms bold,

As the prices peaked up  multifold,

The investors were shocked as told,

Alas ! the speculators tightened the hold.

Oil entered the inflation race,

As a commodity in full blaze,

Hovering over a  hundred-dollar trace,

Mustering a support at that level in grace,

Countries hiked the fuel prices by a marginal lace,

Oh! the injection was brought down by a glaze.

The dollar holds the swing,

As it oscillates in the wings,

Going high one day by the ring,

Coming down the other day by a cling,

It is  certainly a proposed  bring,

To maintain a juxtaposed sing.

Sensational happenings in politics and economy,

Ensues an interesting symphony,

Conducive to the world’s  harmony,

Lest , the disposition may shatter the hegemony,

Leading to a chaos,  commotion  and disharmony,

The world is saved from evil and bad money.