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Events Around.

It is, but, natural for a river to flow,

It is, but,routine for the sun to shine,

it is, but , occasional for the wind to blow,

It is , but , regular for the movements to line,

But , it is, the sequence that  make us mellow.

A month of activity and bustle kept us in tow,

The Osama bin laden shoot was a surprise,

The gold and silver  prices fell in a row,

The Indian elections  points out to a new apprise,

The Strauss Kahn adultery created a show,

Pushing us to an amazing and tantalising jeopardise.

The events one after another give a  stupendous jolt,

The shoot out  invokes a hatred and vengeance,

The decline in commodities prices  pegs a bolt,

The  Indians have  exhibited enormous power  by prudence,

The  slander  of IMF chief has brought in a blasphemous quote,

The happenings around the world   instill  a worldly jurisprudence.