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Gossips All Through

Senseless chatter keeps many engaged,

The meaningless talks are rummaged,

With loads of slander and tell-tale,

Lies rebound in successive gale.

The beginning  is  one of moderate measure

Touching the outline of the  subjective pressure,

A preface to the memorandum of talks,

Is carefully built up in solid rocks.

The process gets into the  core  point 

 Where the imagination runs wild in a joint,

Carefully laying  false anecdotes brick by brick,

As the castle is built-in air by a trick.

The advance options get mounted up towards the end,

A slight twist gives the required turn  to the bend,

The structure unveils a beautiful  architecture,

Exposing the  illusionary fiction  in a well-knit texture.

The  unbelievable believed  story acquires a long tail,

 As  it  spreads to every nook and corner  in a smooth sail

Adding up flavours and spices on the way,

Finally  taking a  flight amidst an integrated flay.