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The More You Desire- Crime

Hunger gets appeased after  par-taking food,

Thirst is satiated after a sipping a drink

That which  shows   bounteous grows and broods,

Is the unquenchable  desire that is beyond the brink.

 The itch of  wanting more and most at all times,

The lure for  accumulating wealth  hastily ,

 Calls for a craving that originates all crimes,

Shoving the  maniac to a disaster quickly.

Loads and tonnes of money are extremely  attractive,

Inciting  and invigorating with a  burning fervour

Rendering a   pronounced  dilapidation destructive,

With a staunch reinforcement of manoeuvre.

The thought of earning  through rightful means,

The mode of doing business with ethics,

Have long been beefed up wrongful scenes,

Levying a sensational breach of normal antics.

The monstrous appetite to  collect and hoard,

Is an epidemic that is terribly contagious,

Making  every other to resort to a tricky board,

Plunging them into a  disease  infectious .

The fortunate few  escape by  wily diverts ,

Pass on unscathed to a secure sphere,

Lo! the majority  are caught  by the vigilant  alerts,

Sink into a coveted imprisonment   dear.